7 Best Remote Start Generator 2020 (Review)

Remote Start Generator

A generator is an essential device for the power backup option if you are looking for an alternative source of power when camping or in your RV. A generator with a remote start is a handy and great feature to have for the satisfying experience of the user. Now you might wonder whether remote starting the unit is crucial or not. Well, if you can turn on and off any machine remotely, especially when there is a storm, rain, or ice present outside. 

Having the capacity to turn off the machine with the push of a button includes more conveniences than you could think of. The remote starting process will allow you to fire up the power source device first thing in the morning. You can also use it in the job site for the operation of the powerful tools when you require them. There are unlimited possibilities on how to use this option.   

But selecting a remote start generator is the toughest part of any equation. To assists you with this decision, we have selected the best seven generators with remote start based on some parameters. If you want to find out what those are, then read on below to know them in detail.

What are Remote Start Generators, and how does it Work?

A generator with a remote starting feature is a device that comes with a starting option that you can operate from any internet-connected smartphone. It is a useful option when the weather outside the house is tough during a power cut. This feature decreases the requirement to be physically present in the location to turn on the machine. You have to touch the starting button on your smartphone. The kit is directly connected to the ignition switch of the engine. It will send a high radiofrequency signal so that it can remotely start the machine somewhere else immediately. It will allow the engine to begin with no force or problem. 

Product Review of the Best Remote Start Generator

Based on the indicators, mounting facility, power source, and simulated controlling panel, we have selected the below top 7 remote start generators in the market. 


The superior WGen 7500DF generator by Westinghouse offers you easy comfortability that every portable remote starting generator should include. It can operate on both propane and gasoline when you require switching it off occasionally. With a key fob remote starting feature and an electrical push-button starting option, you can efficiently turn on the device with no difficulty of a recoiled cord.

Starting the machine is as simple and hassle-free as pushing a single button. A battery onboard charger port assists in extending the battery life so that the machine will always kick-off when you require it the most. The key fob for remote start begins the generator conveniently from almost 109 yards distance away. The user can conveniently switch the fuel sources from propane to gasoline with a simple touch.

Moreover, the sturdy 420 ccs OHV 4 Stroke air cooling engine from Westinghouse can run continuously for up to 16 hours on 254 liters of the fuel tank. It comes with an automatic shut off feature for low oil and an inbuilt fuel gauge, making it exceptionally convenient to maintain and use. The machine comes with an inbuilt gripping handle and flat wheels to effortlessly maneuver it wherever the user goes.


  • 420 cc OHV engine
  • 6.6 gallon of fuel tank capacity
  • 16 hour of operating time
  • 240 volt of power consumption
  • Smart switch ready


  • Remote key fob start
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Electric push-button starting option
  • Dual fuel option
  • Firm grip handle and flat wheel


  • The body is composed of low quality plastic.




The champion remote start generator comes with a remote key fob to stop and start the inverter from a distance of 80 feet away. It is one of the most sturdy and advanced generators in the market. It will power your life to a whole new meaning with innovative and feature-packed technology and design. Enjoy the remote on and off of this 4000-watt machine with an electric start.

The open frame advanced design delivers 20% lighter and 50% quieter performance compared to other generators. The economy fuel-saving mode not only creates clean power but also saves almost 25% more fuel than other conventional generators. The electric pushing button comes with a battery for the quick starting of the machine. The generator produces only 64 dB of noise level, which is great for camping in an RV.

With 3500 running and 4000 starting watts, the machine can continuously run for 17 hours on gasoline. The performing parallel kit allows the user to enhance the power output by connecting two 2800 watt or higher inverters. The device also includes three years of company assurance with free support from the experienced technicians in case any problem arises.


  • Open Frame Inverter Architecture
  • 3500 running and 4000 starting watt
  • Fuel-saving economy mode
  • Operating distance is 80 feet
  • 64 dB of noise level


  • Three years of warranty from the company
  • Electric push-starting button
  • Remote key fob
  • Produces a clean power source
  • Parallel ready kit


  • Does not include a voltmeter




This iGen4500 remote start generator from Westinghouse represents a class of its own. With 4500 starting and 3700 running watts, it is one of the highly portable machines that come with reliable power. The electric push-button and remote start make it easier for the user to use. The outlet of RV ready convenience makes the machine easier to plug into your travel trailer. It operates quietly with a noise level of 53 dBA only. 

Whether the user is implementing this inverter for their household essentials or the recreational activity, you can rely on this machine from Westinghouse. The device is exceptionally lightweight and compact in design. It comes with an inbuilt telescopic handle and two top carrying convenient handles that allows hassle-free portability for the user. The engine of this inverter creates clean and stable power for all sorts of appliances in a home.

The machine also includes a 30 volt easily accessible outlet that is ideal for all the RV and travel trailers. It is strong and sturdy enough to power almost everything in an RV. It is one of the most superior power solutions to meet all the power requirements of the user, whether you are on the go or camping. The 3.4-gallon fuel tank capacity prevents the user from frequently visiting a gas station to power this beast up.


  • 3700 running and 4500 starting watts
  • A gallon of fuel tank capacity
  • 98 pounds of the total weight
  • 224 cc of engine displacement
  • Two 220 volt outlet


  • One TT 30 Volt outlet
  • Two USB ports are present
  • 18 hours of performing time
  • 53 dBA of noise level
  • 3-year limited company warranty


  • The machine is not parallel capable.




Now you can stop and start-up this portable generator with a remote start from Champion from a maximum distance of 80 feet from the device. With an electric push button and wireless key fob remote start, you can use this generator with handiness like never before. The 208 cc ignition engine with its reliable battery features a switch for 3-way ignition.

It also includes an inbuilt Cold starting technology for an easy and convenient start of the inverter, even in the cold outside. With 4375 starting and 3500 running watts, the machine can run continuously for a maximum of 12 hours on a tank full of gasoline fuel. The generator runs at a noise level of 68 dBA when the user hears it from a distance of 23 feet away.

Besides, the generator includes 120 volt and 30 A locking, two 120 volts, and 20A outlets, and 120 Volt and 30 A RV outlets. The inbuilt voltage guard surging protector prevents overloading and keeps all your equipment and appliances safe. The generator also comes with three years of restricted guarantee from the company with free support for the dedicated technical experts.


  • 208 CC of engine displacement
  • Operating distance of 80 feet away
  • The push power button and remote key fob
  • Switch for three-way ignition
  • Cold starting technology


  • 3500 running and 4375 starting watts
  • 12 hours of performance time
  • 68 dBA of noise level from 23 feet away
  • 3-year warranty
  • Volt guarding technology


  • The machine is not fuel injected.




This gas portable generator from Firman is a perfect combination of function and performance. The 125-pound machine runs with a power consumption of 120 volts with 208 ccs of a powerful engine, making it ready for powering up any appliances. This device is perfect to use in any worksite, camping, or emergency power. 

The engine comes with cast iron sleeves and a low oil shutting feature that immediately turns off the machine when the oil level drops down, thus preventing any mishap or accidents. The 5 gallon capacity of the fuel tank delivers up to 14 hours of non-stop runtime to the user. The multiple featuring controlling panels with the covered outlets delivers 30A of power.

The 8 inches of flat wheels and single folding highly leveraged handle allows the user to carry this giant machine easily from one place to another. The generator comes in a package of a tool kit for assembly, engine oil, and a funnel. The Firman generator comes with a 3-year manufacturing warranty from the company to minimize your investment risk.


  • 3650 operating watt
  • 120 volt of power consumption
  • 208 cc of engine displacement
  • Perfect for the worksite, camping, and emergency power
  • Low oil shutting off facility


  • Sleeves composed of cast iron
  • 8 inches flat wheels
  • Three years of manufacturing warranty
  • 5-gallon fuel tank capacity
  • 14 hours of runtime


  • It does not include pure sine wave technology.




Now never be without any power with the help of this powerful remote starting inverter from Champion. This 3400-watt generator is a sturdy blending of convenience and versatility. It is a perfect lightweight and quiet companion for the next tailgating and camping weekend to offer backup power during a power shortage.

You can now stop and start this machine from a maximum distance of 80 feet away with the presence of a remote wireless key fob. The quick touching panel allows the user to get access to control in one spot. The trustworthy 192 cc champion OHV single-cylinder engine comes with 3100 running and 3400 starting watts with no difficulty.

The inverter also produces a 3% lower carbon emission with clean power output. Thus you can connect all your valuable appliances and equipment with this machine with full reliability and confidence. The device also comes with a low oil shut-off sensor that instantly turns off the generator for the safety of the user. The Champion inverter comes with a 0.6 Quart oil capacity.


  • 3100 running and 3400 starting watt
  • 7.5 hours of operational time
  • Remote wireless key fob
  • An operational distance of 80 feet away
  • Quick touch panels


  • 59 dBA of noise level
  • Ideal for RV, tailgating, camping, and worksites
  • Dual USB adapter
  • Clean power source
  • 192 cc OHV single-cylinder engine


  • The manual pull start does not work simultaneously with the electric one.




This Champion portable generator makes powering of the appliances easier than ever with the wireless remote starting facility. With sufficient power to run and start the 15000 BTU air conditioner in an RV, you can select this powerful featured device to run your essential equipment next time when there is a power cut. 

The 208 cc OHV single-cylinder engine includes all the potential to run the power tools you require. The machine got every convenience covered. The remote fob wireless key can stop and start the machine from a distance of 80 feet away with a snap. The cold starting technology, the convenient electric starting switch, and a battery can turn on this machine even on the coldest day with ease.

Moreover, the easy fold-away handle, wheel kit, and never-flat tires make it hassle-free for the user to move this device to the place where he/she needs it the most. With 3500 running and 4375 starting watt, the machine delivers a clean power source for running all the vital equipment during a power shortage. The machine also includes a three-year warranty from the manufacturer along with free service from experienced technicians.


  • 3500 running and 4375 starting watt
  • Three-year company guarantee
  • Operating distance of 80 feet away
  • 68 dBA of noise level
  • 12 hours of runtime


  • 208 cc OHV single-cylinder engine
  • Switch for 3 way ignition
  • Remote wireless key fob
  • Cold start technology
  • Push powering button


  • Does not include motor oil with it

Advantages of Remote Start Generators

Below are some of the benefits that come along with a remote starting generator device.

  • Add to the safety of the user during bad weather.

When the weather outside the house is unbearable such as during rain or storm, in those situations, nothing can beat the advantage of beginning the machine remotely.

  • Starts the generator instantly

Whenever there is a power cut, especially during the night, it is significant to start up the remote start portable generator almost immediately. The advantage of this feature is that you can begin the machine instantly from a distance with no necessity of pulling the cord. Most of the machines come with remote control fob keys and a magnetic back or a mounting bracket for mounting on the walls or desktop. It makes the device easily accessible anytime.

  • Having a stipulated controlling panel

Most remote starting generators include a stipulated controlling panel. It helps you to keep updated on critical situations, thus allowing the user to check for any errors and rectifying them at the correct time. 

  • It is always powered.

The machines include a battery backup and an Ac power option. These features guarantee the user of all the regular updates on the generator status at any given point in time. In this case, the battery level becomes low, and the device signals an alert tone for notifying you of the issue. 

  • Comes with Status indicators

The best remote starting generator includes audible cues and indicator lights to let the user know that something is wrong with the device. It will allow them to look after the problems and thus take care of it.

Facts to Consider Before Buying Remote Start Portable Generator

You should consider the below aspects before selecting your generator with a remote start.

  • Fuel Type: You can go for any natural gas, gasoline, propane, diesel, or solar power to energize the generators. Gasoline powers most of the portable generators in the market. Storing plenty of fuel in a device is also necessary. Propane generators burn cleaner with up to 40% lower carbon emissions. However, propane machines create less wattage compared to gasoline operated machines.


  • Ease of Use: The generator includes full security for powering up. However, it might be difficult for a person to live or move the generator from one place to another. Having wheels at the bottom might ease the process.


  • Oil Guard: When the oil lowers down to a certain level, it might affect the generator. Some might switch them off immediately, while others will keep doing further damaging the machine. 


  • Level of Noise: Most of the users prefer a noiseless generator with a noise level of 50 to 80 dB. Most products come with an average noise level of 73 dB. 


  • Capacity: To determine the capacity of the remote start inverter generator, you need to decide how many appliances will run on it. Small generators might run two devices, while larger ones can operate four to five appliances. You can determine how many capacity machines you will require by summing up the total wattage requirement of your house and then match the generator wattage equal to or higher than that. Some products also need an extra wattage surge to start the machine.


  • Starting System: There are models of both manual and electric starting generators in the market. The electric ones start with the press of a button, while you have to pull a string for the manual ones.


  • Regulation of wattage Output: Some of the generators come with high technologies compared to the others, thus enabling consistent and smooth wattage output. With this feature, you do not have to worry about the damages due to unrefined power.


  • Outlets: A generator with four or more number of outlets offers the best wattage by distributing the load. The higher number of outlets the generator has, the better it will be for the user to use. 


  • Runtime: The runtime is the total amount of time that the generator will operate for. The portable remote start generator offers a longer runtime that will decrease the movement from and to the powerhouse. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are still not sure which model of remote starting generator to buy, then the below FAQs along with answers might solve all your problems.

  • What is the maximum distance of operation for a generator with a remote starter feature?

The distance varies according to the model. Some products can get started from 100 meters distance, whereas you need to operate some machines from 25 meters away. But mostly you can operate it from a distance of 20 meters.

  • Where to store the generator while I am not using it?

The best way to store the generator is to keep the components when not in use. It will prevent any unwanted damage, even if the machine exposes. Also, remove all the fuel from the fuel tank before storing it away, as decayed fuel will cause enormous damage to the generator.

  • How to kick start a remote starting generator when it is not in use for a longer time?

If the machine is not performing for a longer time, the onboard batteries will either become dead or will discharge. The electric remote will not start working. Use the secondary recoil to start the generator going, or else charge the battery using a compatible battery charger with an outlet of 120 volts. 

  • What to do if the generator is not starting remotely?

Check out the batteries if the machine is not starting with a remote. You can always keep the engine turned on for the remote starting function to work. It might use up the battery and decrease the voltage to a lower level, which is not enough in remotely starting the machine. In this case, you have to manually turn on the machine and recharge the batteries first. 

  • Should I buy a remote starting generator that runs on propane or gas?

A dual fuel remote starting generator is considered to be more advantageous than a single one. It depends on the main engine and not on the carburetor. When there is a power outage, a generator with both propane and gas generators might come in handy to you.


At the end of this article, we would suggest selecting a remote start generator primarily on your power requirements and where you are planning to use the machine. If you want to use a generator both at home and take it with you on your RV for camping, then a portable machine will be perfect for you. This machine offers a noiseless and continuous wattage performance along with portability. So consider all your necessities and select a model according to that wisely. See you at our next review. Till then, happy reading!

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