How much energy does your router use?

Power drawn by smaller appliances, we sometimes discount or forget to vouch for its impact on our electricity bills. But once you start to concentrate on those devices that require continuous or frequent charging, we can see how they run up the electricity bill.

Twenty-four hours a day, the gadgets available around the house like a router, stay in use and can be some expected suspects, for the wasteful consumption of the energy. But you should know, routers do not take in use, much of power.

Routers- Not high energy consumer

Not much power is used by the routers (2-20W). However, the new wireless models with Wi-Fi antennae in multiples consume more than the previous models, as a certain amount of power is required for the radio to stay connected.

Other devices like refrigerators add a dent to the electric bill, but a typical wireless router doesn’t consume more than 6W. Some other models, based on its requirements, can take up to 20w.

Why are routers kept turned on?

Convenience to connect with the internet is the reason why the routers are kept on. One doesn’t always have to step to the device and turn it on. With the device being on, one gets the flexibility to connect to the internet and enjoy Amazon Prime or Netflix, whenever they want or even catch-up on work, without having the trouble to wait for the device to turn on.

However, if the router is connected to the power supply 24/7, isn’t it a question to consider, if the power plan is running up due to the Wi-Fi router. It is possible that a router may be using more energy than we think, and if such a thought comes up, it’s time to keep a look over the appliances, which consume energy, and then compare the cost and finally have a potential big save. However, routers are very affordable and easily replaceable if you get some big technical issues. If you are looking for a best budget router, do checkout affordable routers on Netgenie.

One can easily make a power comparison sitting at home. It can be a better start and a first step before looking upon varied utility providers.

Is it important to turn off the router?

Only some pennies can be saved in a month by turning off and on the router if it is being used for just one task like checking the email a day. But, if there are many devices that are using the router, like a computer, TV, smartphone, tablet, and some other home devices, it won’t be a good option to repeatedly turn off and on the router.

Power hogs Tech devices

When kept on standby mode, many tech devices do consume a smaller amount of power constantly. It can include computers on sleep mode, this set-top boxes provided by your cable providers and other appliances, which knowingly/unknowingly, remain on in standby mode and consume the power. So, to have savings over the electricity bill, some noticeable changes can be brought in by changing our habits.

How to save energy using a router?

Based on your calculations over the power usage made by the router model you use, you can take little extra effort to make sure that even that little penny can come down in the electricity bill the next time.

Remember, your router consumes in between two to twenty wattage, based on the model and not much of energy can be saved using it. Still, we can make changes in our daily usage of other high-energy consuming devices, and buy Energy Star certified models, which can help save power & cost.

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